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If your wincom system has been working and all of a sudden you get the NO COM PORT FOUND error.

99 times out of a 100 you already have a copy of wincom running and it is minimized down in the task bar. Just click it to revive it.

You can only run one copy of wincom at a time.

Worst case, shut your computer down and reboot it, then start wincom over again.



Clock Refresher Procedure on race morning:

Drop your module in your clock and turn it on well before the birds are scheduled to arrive. Watch for how many antenna's are connected. Be sure it says the right number. Some clocks will work with the module's plastic arrow only facing front. Be sure you have put the module in the cradle correctly.

Watch the face of your clock and be sure the module is going through the Super Val procedure of putting the current races in your data logger (clock) and syncronizing the time. When it is finished the screen should say how many birds you have entered in race mode.

If you clock one race pigeon before you do this, Unikon will clock all your race birds in Super Val Mode and neither wincom or Winspeed can get the arrival data from the clock. The only way to be a part of the race is through manual entry. In truth if you do not let your module syncronize the race time in the Datalogger your birds should be disqualified.

In computer years some of our clocks are very old. Be sure to monitor the number of antenna's connected and the Super Val download and race time syncronization well before the birds are scheduled to arrive.

Let me know if you have any questions,
Terry Gilmore


The Bluetooth Firefly dongles do not work with a standard factory Diester 9 pin serial cord. Take the back off of one end of the cord and cut the jumper wire or file out the solder between the 9 pin and the 5 pin.
The Don Chapin cord is already wired this way and it will work



Race Secretaries

If you do not get this dialog box when you click on UNI (create the import file for Winspeed - Follow the steps below and then try again)

XP (I am not sure if this method works in Vista?? use the next method below if there is no File Types tab when you click Folder Optins on the Control Panel)
Control Panel >> Folder Options >> Click View Tab >> Uncheck the box "Hide file extensions for known file types"
If you have a File Types Tab >> Click File Types >> Click New >> type in .d00 >> Click Advanced button on this dialog box - scroll down to Text Document > Click Ok and Save.
Back to Control Panel >> Folder Options >> Under the File Types tab scroll down to your File Type .d00 that you just entered >> This time click the Advanced tab at the bottom of this screen with the .d00 file type selected. Make sure the check box Confirm open after download is checked. Click Ok; Click OK
Vista & WIndows 7
Control Panel >> Folder Options >> Click View Tab >> Uncheck the box "Hide file extensions for known file types"
Open the program Notepad. Create a file, type anything in blah or whatever as the contents. Save it as test.txt to the desktop.
Now go to the desktop right click and rename this file test.txt to test.d00 >> Double click test.d00 You should get a box that asks what program you wish to use to associate with this file type. Check the box that says pick from a list of programs in this computer >> Click OK. Wait for the box to populate >> One of your choices should be Note Pad >> Select it and click OK. Now double click the file test.d00 and it should open in Notepad. You can close and discard this file we will not need it anymore.
When you create the UNI file from List Races under Races on the Admin menu a Open or Save dialog box will appear with the proper file name for the week . Click Save to your UNI folder. Open Winspeed and import this W000000012.d00 file as usual, each week the number will change.

To connect wireless to your PC directly without a router this is the newest solution. The range is up to 330 feet. Larry Rueber and Richard Burris just bought them and they tested great here in Prineville. They almost plug and play. Mail them to me and I will set them up and test them out for you here. Or I can talk you through the setup over the phone. You order them from http://gridconnect.com

You still need to connect the serial dongle to the Clock with the special Diester serial cord

Step 1. Set USB Dongle dip switches 1,2,3,4 to ON

Step 2. Set Serial Port Dongle dipswitches 1, 2, 4 to ON dip switch 3 must be set to OFF.

Step 3. Plug everything in. Windows will find new hardware and try to install a driver for it. All versions of Windows come with the generic USB to COM port emulator driver needed. If Windows cannot find the driver then unplug your dongles Download and run this USB to serial driver setup.

USB COM Port Driver

Once you have run the driver setup program then plug in your dongles and this time Windows should find the driver automatically. Windows will tell you it has successfully installed the hardware and it is ready to use. With your clock plugged in and turned on start the wincom program. If everything is working you will get the 3 item menu and you are ready to go.



Check the race schedule

If your Club has any special races they want to clock on Wincompanion, we need to add them to the Race Schedule so they can get a unique race name and race Id assigned

After today, I will be ready to start getting the wincom program installed and tested on your computers


The Wincom program that resides on your computer is very straight forward to install.


The only caution are the 2 possible Security warnings the first time wincom sends data to the Internet:

1st WARNING - Unknown Publisher - uncheck the check box to ask this question every time wincom starts

2nd WARNING Windows or Virus Checker Firewall - allow wincom to connect to the Internet select UNBLOCK



The install is very straight forward.

You will need a computer that has Internet access Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 - 32 or 64 bit operating system.

1.Connect your clock to the PC with the special deister serial cord and turn the clock on.

2. When you click the setup link sent via email SAVE the Setup file to the desktop

3. Close the download box when finished downloading. Goto the desktop click the setup icon, follow the prompts to the end. (the program will open automatically after the install is finished) If the clock is properly connected to the PC the menu will boot up.(if you do not get the menu your clock is not turned on or you do not have the right serial cord or you do not have Internet access)

4. Press 1 and enter on the Wincom Menu - The computer will poll the clock for its bird list and try to upload them to the Internet. Now is when the two SECURITY WARNINGS will appear if they are going to, some computers will give none some only one.

Unknown Publisher warning - uncheck the check box to ask this question every time wincom starts Click OK

Firewall or Virus Checker Warning - You must allow wincom to connect to the Internet select UNBLOCK on Windows XP or ALLOW on Windows Vista Click OK

If your race secretary has gotton you pre-registered properly on Wincompanion, your birds should now be on the Internet. Open your Club site on Wincompanion, Click Birds on the Menu at the top of the page , select your name press Go and wa la!! the bird list in your clock should be there

5. Last step is to test the Race Key. A Race or Training toss must first be started by your Race Secretary on Wincompanion before you can send Race birds or trainers to the Internet. From the wincom menu press 2 and enter and once the menu says posting and comes back your race or trainers should be on the Internet. If no birds appear in the race or trainer you may not be registered properly or you did not load your birds up first.


Good Luck,



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